Affiliate Agreement


Affiliates agree to this Affiliate Agreement:

  1. Affiliates agree to not send unsolicited spam email to Business Owners. While eMail is an essential part of B2B Marketing today, our affiliates agree to only send eMail after an owner states they want to receive more information about our services. Spam will result in loss of Affiliate privileges for any Affiliate found to have sent spam and loss of any residual income.
  2. Residual income is contingent on Affiliate maintaining an active Affiliate Account. If after 90 Days an Affiliate has not had any new client signups their account is not eligible for residual commission payments. Affiliates can start to earn residual commission if they start to obtain new client signups.
  3. Affiliates will not make false statements in any marketing material they send to prospective clients. We desire that affiliates use our approved marketing material for posts or tweets to social material and only add their referral code. eMails sent by affiliates to companies requesting additional information should use marketing emails for that industry approved by 1 Marketing.
  4. Affiliates agree 1 Marketing can charge back any commissions paid from future commissions due if a new client causes a charge back within 90 days of them joining. Charge backs are rare and any affiliate found to be having excessive charge back ratios over 5% will have their affiliate status reviewed and possible revocation of affiliate rights if found to be doing any thing in violation of our Affiliate Agreement.
  5. Affiliate agrees to not make any offers of payments to new customers as an enticement for them to join.
  6. Affiliate agrees they are an independent contractor and will provide appropriate 1099 information when their commissions are due. All affiliates are subject to 1099 requirements.
  7. Affiliates agree to accept PayPal payments as means of payment of commissions when due.
  8. Affiliates agree they are not employees of 1 Marketing or any associated Network Sites in the 1 Marketing Network and will not present themselves publicly or privately to anyone as an employee of 1 Marketing.
  9. Affiliates agree that the only compensation they are entitled to from 1 Marketing is from commissions earned from new business signups and residual monthly fee commissions, they understand that 1 Marketing is not paying them any hourly wage or any other income besides commissions on new client signups and monthly residual fees.