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1. You will have a High Response Landing Page on an Industry Keywork  or City Search & News Portal designed by our Gurus.



2. Our PPC Gurus will setup a targeted AdWords account for your Landing Page. Our network is super fast on our Cloud and the speed of the content and design will get you the highest response ratios for your industry. Usually up to ten times better response ratios than companies trying to do it on their own. The #1 reason companies get terrible response from their Internet Marketing is #1 SPEED (most sites take over 5 seconds to load and after 1 second you lose 2.5% of users every 1/10th of a second above 1 second page open times) and the #2 reason is their content is not HIGH RESPONSE CONTENT this is a talent web designers all lack. The #3 reason is the persons they have doing their SEM or PPC marketing does not have the specialized knowledge it takes to maximize PPC Budgets. They simply do not know how to properly run PPC campaigns and the top SEM or PPC Gurus today command over $250 THOUSAND a year. It’s that specialized of field. Our PPC Gurs are elite top level SEM Gurus who will optimize your SEM Marketing to return the hightest ROI for your Internet Marketing dollars.

3. Our network clients get to use our HD Video content on their landing page which maximizes their response ratios. It takes thousands of dollars to produce compelling Video Content that actually CONVERTS at super high ratios. That is our expertise making HD Videos that convert at high ratios for all the industries we run portals in. It took many years to development to produce the videos we now use and this benefit is part of how we maximize ROI for your Internet Marketing dollars.

4. We do not have contracts, you will like the results we get for you or you can cancel within 30 days and end the use of your landing page on our network. Not every business can close live exclusive internet leads that we produce at super high ratios, so we don’t need to keep clients in contracts spending money UNLESS THEY CAN CONVERT the large amount of leads we produce in many industries.

5. We maintain hundreds of aged social media accounts for each of our aged keyword industry portals and our Social Media Gurus will promote your landing page on our accounts. We routinely make our clients #1 on social media for their market and industry. We are a major presence in social media due to the sheer number of active social media our gurus maintain.

6. Phone calls from our work are tracked and prove our high response ratios claims. WE PROVE THE RATIOS WE CLAIM. Normal Internet Market gets less than a 3% response ratio, we routinely get 25% to 75% Response Ratios (it varies on the industry) so we are heads and shoulders above every other Internet Marketing company PERIOD. That’s why we have branded ourselves as 1 MARKETING we are that good at getting the highest response ratios possible in Internet Marketing.

7. Clients have access to the PPC accounts we create for their internet marketing on our Network and can track how much of their budget is being spent daily. Each client has their own managed PPC account managed by one of our SEM Gurus and you see how they spend your Internet Marketing dollars.

8. Clients pay all PPC charges to PPC networks such as Google AdWords, we merely manage their accounts.

9. Clients benefit by having a high quality IT staff working on their Internet Marketing. It takes seven different Gurus to do what we do for our clients. That’s easily $1,000,000 a year in I.T. Staff if you tried to hire all the Gurus we use on your account. Elite I.T. Gurus often command up to $250,000 USD a year now and it is impossible to get one person to do so many specialized tasks now required to maximize Internet Marketing budgets. We are literally your I.T. Staff and we will get you the highest ROI on your Internet Marketing dollars possible.

10. Clients benefit from very high response ratios that our network obtains in every Industry we run portals in and that fact maximizes the ROI on your Internet Marketing Budget.

11. Clients benefit from lower CPC (Cost Per Click) Fees due to high Quality Scores our SEM or PPC Gurus get clients due to our EMD (exact match domains) and high quality content.

12. Clients benefit from having a real SEM or PPC Guru manage their PPC account cutting out low response clicks companies such Google routinely try to sell clients such as their Partner Network and low quality keywords included in their broad match keywords.  All campaigns are also correctly zoned to ensure clients only spend their Internet Marketing Dollars in the market their company can properly service. Spending outside market and buying partner clicks as well as broad match keywords are the three biggest mistakes over 95% of companies make in trying to buy PPC ads today.

13. Our Cloud Network speed maximizes response ratios. Over 95% of small company websites open too slow to do effective PPC marketing. After 2 seconds .you lose 25%  of new users, after 5 seconds you lose over 90% of new users. Typical page opens for over 90% of small companies using CMS programs such as WordPress is now over 5 seconds meaning they lose over 90% of new users. Our Network was designed to maximize SPEED and that is that is the #1 Reason we deliver the highest response ratios in the Internet Marketing Industry today.


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